熱銷商品 9803 睡美人 9803 Sleeping Beauty
9803 睡美人 9803 Sleeping Beauty

9803 睡美人 9803 Sleeping Beauty
產 品 特 性
Product Features

  Modal fiber is natural and pure, soft and skin-friendly with excellent permeability and particularly ecologically green. The source of material comes from exceptional beech with long history in Europe. The material is directly taken from beech trees to give the textile a natural and pure property.

  The Germany imported total mini box spring meets ergonomics even more and can distribute the supporting points of the human boy more evenly while soothing the stress burden on the skin and bone joints.

  The comfort layer is a cooling latexco for latex improvement, which does not increase the temperature or become stuffy. You will have more comfortable sleep all year round.

  LATEXCO natural latex (imported from Belgium) is made from 100% natural materials. The mutually non-interference features is absolutely mute and will not affect your partners when turning around. The persons will reach deep sleep while the heat isolation prevents allergy and bed sores for a hygiene and clean environment.

  The special no-flip bottom design (using activated carbon foam) isolates dirty air and produces fresh ozone to prevent water molecular in the air leading to the breeding of dust mite, microorganism allergens. The excellent moist exclusion effect separates the heat above to extend the life cycle of the mattress.

1. Use with Belgium cooling Latexco pillow to relieve the pressure points on the head, neck and shoulder.
2. Low metal platform bed frame enhances the stability of upper platform bed.

  Mattress height is approximately 31 cm.