熱銷商品 9805 新式電動按摩床(涼感+抗電磁波) 9805 New Electric Massage Bed (Cooling+Anti-electromagnetic wave)
 9805 新式電動按摩床(涼感+抗電磁波) 9805 New Electric Massage Bed (Cooling+Anti-electromagnetic wave)

 9805 新式電動按摩床(涼感+抗電磁波) 9805 New Electric Massage Bed (Cooling+Anti-electromagnetic wave)
Anti-electronic wave, Anti-static effect, Healthy, Comfortable, Safe, Environmentally-friendly

 天絲層 TENCEL Layer

Natural plant fiber separates bacterial growth and excellent skin-friendly quality that is more water absorbing then cotton and softer than silk.

 涼爽乳膠層 Cooling Latex Layer

Made from high-Tech low-temperature cooling techniques, natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, surface temperature slightly lower than room temperature, heat lowering, and adding comfort in sensory temperature.

 親膚性記憶膠 Skin-friendly memory foam

Relieving compression on the peripheral nervous system to ease the pressure; excellent coverage and support that reduce aches in bone joints.

 綠的環保棉 Green Environmental-Protection Cotton

Environmental protection, non-toxic, high-density and low distortion padding material that is friendly to the environment with ultra-high support. The product can be decomposed at the dumping site naturally into the nutrients for plants if the product could not be used any more.

 不鏽鋼層 Stainless Steel Layer

Anti-corrosion material, safe, robust, durable, and can be 100% recycled and reused after reaching the expiration of life cycle.

 震動式按摩馬達 Vibrating Massage Motor

Ten types of vibrating strengths and 3-waving design that promote smooth blood circulation, revitalizing the cells while the waves continue permanently when not adjusting the waves. The product automatically suspends in 30 minutes so you will not be disturbed during sleep.

 船型馬達 Boat Motor

Precision design, muting descending/ascending, multi-section micro-adjustment design, free angle adjustment, wireless remote control, extremely low power consumption.

 其他特點 Other Features
  1. 柔軟護邊,防夾設計。Soft edge and anti-clip design.
  2. 停電自動復原安全裝置。 Automatic recovery safety device during power failure.
  3. 兼具休閒、健康、安全、舒適等功用。 Leisure, health, safety and comfort.
  4. 無論在床上看書、聽音樂、看電視、抬腿都讓您有極致舒適支撐。Offering cozy support for reading, listening to music, watching TV, and lifting legs on bed.