熱銷商品 9806 快樂頌 9806 Song of Happiness
9806 快樂頌 9806 Song of Happiness

9806 快樂頌 9806 Song of Happiness
產 品 特 性
天絲是來自天然的功能性纖維,原材料是木材,植物生態的來源使其具有良好的透氣性。 天絲能夠減少細菌的行成,比棉更吸水、比絲綢更柔軟、比麻更涼爽,優異的濕氣傳導功能更是獨一無二

Product Features
  Tencel is a functional fiber from the nature, which raw material is wood. The source of plant ecology offers excellent permeability. Tencel can reduce the formation of bacteria, absorbs more water than cotton, is softer than silk, and cooler than linen, which superior humidity conducting function is also unparalleled.

  Using Germany imported box spring in two wire diameters for a soft and elastic inside and excellent coverage while the outside is reinforced with protective trimming to add more comfort to the areas laid down.

  The HR breathing mattress cotton is developed through high-tech development. The special porous manufacturing technique can enhance mattress support and stability in addition to maximizing the excellent elasticity. The porous design vents out the air and alleviates the impact as a cushion using the buffer characteristics, so that the body will be comprehensively protected.

  The special no-flip bottom design (using activated carbon foam) isolates dirty air and produces fresh ozone to prevent water molecular in the air leading to the breeding of dust mite, microorganism allergens. The excellent moist exclusion effect separates the heat above to extend the life cycle of the mattress.

1. Use with Belgium cooling Latexco pillow to relieve the pressure points on the head, neck and shoulder.
2. Low metal platform bed frame enhances the stability of upper platform bed.

  Mattress height is approximately 29cm.