熱銷商品 9805 巴哈 9805 Bach
9805 巴哈 9805 Bach

9805 巴哈 9805 Bach
產 品 特 性
甲殼素屬天然、環保材質,具有持久防止有害細菌生長,對人體的抗原性極低,不易 產生過敏。抗菌作用不只存在表面,而是深入纖維之間,抗菌、環保又舒適。

Product Features

  Chitin is a natural and environmentally friendly material that permanently prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and has extremely low antigenicity to human body and will not produce allergy easily. The anti-bacterial function not only works on the surface but also deep into the fiber for anti-bacterial, green and comfortable effect.

  The superior moisture exclusion function of TENCEL and the nano-fiber is naturally cool, separating bacterial growth for a fully natural and hygiene environment. Consumers with sensitive skin will perceive the excellent skin-friendly texture and sleep well in a cool and pleasant sleeping environment. 

  The HR breathing mattress cotton is developed through high-tech development. The special porous manufacturing technique can enhance mattress support and stability in addition to maximizing the excellent elasticity. The porous design vents out the air and alleviates the impact as a cushion using the buffer characteristics, so that the body will be comprehensively protected.

  The special no-flip bottom design (using activated carbon foam) isolates dirty air and produces fresh ozone to prevent water molecular in the air leading to the breeding of dust mite, microorganism allergens. The excellent moist exclusion effect separates the heat above to extend the life cycle of the mattress.

1. Use with Belgium cooling Latexco pillow to relieve the pressure points on the head, neck and shoulder.
2. Low metal platform bed frame enhances the stability of upper platform bed.

  Mattress height is approximately 30cm.