Maintenance Instruction


       新床墊於使用三個月 (一季) 後,將頭尾對調即可改變受力面,過了三個月(一季)之後則每一季正反面翻轉和頭尾對調一次,即可輕輕鬆鬆保養您的床墊。(免翻面床墊則不必正反面翻轉)




      The body force and mattress stress area are the main reason for uneven stress on the supporting system and deformation. We recommend you to maintain your mattress regularly and easily every season (3 months) and our products will unquestionably bring you the healthiest and economic effect.

       Switch the top and bottom of the mattress to change the surface of stressafter using the new mattress for 3 months (one season). Switch the front and back side and the top and bottom of the mattress at every change of season, i.e. 3 months (one season) to maintain your mattress with ease (Mattresses that do not require turning over the bed may skin the front-back switch).
Switch the mattress every 6 months eventually for an uniformed mattress stress and so the mattress will not have elastic fatigue early due to the high frequency of certain spring use

※Do not sit by the end of bed to avoid damaging the protective spring.
※Do not let children jump on the bed to avoid damaging the spring due to excessive pressure on single nodes.
※Dehumidify and use special vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dander when turning the bed around to keep the mattress dry and clean.